How It Works

Sharezar is more than a business directory

When you add your business listing profile to Sharezar,

You will have access to Sharing your business with anyone on Sharezar. You can also contact any business to request a message share, from a business that you think should know about your business.

Example, let’s say there is a business that could use your service and should know about your business, with one click you send a message to the website admin, and they now will click on your social network and add you to their members area.

Now with our business directory, you get to contact the right business that could send you business, make sense. Sharezar is set up for you to work with the right companies from the start and get high ranking on Google and all search engines.

Sharezar is Safe, Google Panda Safe,

Why is it safe, our business directory process is based on clicking the share button on your profile and website social network, there is no automated system or robots sending you fake likes and shares. Our website is not based on adding back links from other members, and we do not advise you to ask for back links from other members. Sharezar is a Real Business Directory,

 If you have said before, Only if everyone knew about my website, Well now they can, so add your business to our website traffic directory, and  watch for the traffic !!

See Sample Business Profile Listing, Click Here !

Inside Sharezar Directory

website traffic directory

  • Full profile listing
  • Admin panel
  • Members area
  • Account details
  • 1. Request share message 
  • 2. Title and description
  • 3. Social media share
  • Keyword and categories
  • HTML listing Content
  • Map Location
  • Views profile counter
  • Comments on profile
  • Backlink to your site
  • Google Indexed Profile
  • SEO optimized profile listing
  • Free to Join

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