Sharezar Business Traffic Directory

Was created for business owners to get more business and more traffic to their website. Having a website is great, but with out website traffic, it’s almost like not having one, so that’s where Sharezar can help you right from the start.

Sharezar it not just a online business directory,

It is a traffic directory that uses the click and share social buttons, to send traffic to your website. Sharezar is built with many custom features for members to send traffic your way, all with one click, or you can use the built in message system to send a private message to other members, to share your website profile and links.

How the click and share buttons work,

Lets say you see a member profile listing, that has lots of views or is very busy on social media, and you want to let this member know that you want them to click and share with you, well that is where the pm private message comes in to action, you send them a message telling them to click and share with you. Now after they respond and have clicked on all your social media, you will see more traffic on your site.


As more members join Sharezar,

The more traffic you will receive, and all traffic is google panda and penguin safe, after all we are just clicking the share button, so there you have it,finally a real share site for business. Also if your business is new and you were thinking of doing some marketing, Sharezar one of the best  Business Traffic Directories to be listed on, so add your business now and start receiving more business and traffic.

Thank you

Sharezar Team