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If your looking to get more traffic to your website, and just not sure where to look, well stop searching we have a what you need to get your business off the ground and share it to the world.Add your Business Profile to our Traffic Directory, and get more Traffic all in one place.

Inside Sharezar Directory
  • Full profile listing
  • Admin panel
  • Members area
  • Account details
  • Title and description
  • Keyword and categories
  • HTML listing Content
  • Map Location
  • Views profile counter
  • Comments on profile
  • Social media
  • Request share system
  • Backlink to your site
  • Google Indexed Profile
  • SEO optimized profile listing
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Our Process is simple, Add Business Profile, Click and share, and your done, and we handle the rest, or you can even contact any member with our pm message system, to get access to their social share network. Our system is, click and share, by other members, this is the idea of Sharezar business directory.
Choose a category that you need For example, let say you need more website traffic for your business, choose business category, and members will click on your share button and traffic will start to grow, also this is all Google panda safe and legal. We are much different from companies that offer you to purchase free likes from a bot. Sharezar process is having real members to click and share your website, Simple Process. Sharezar is not a paid service for getting 5000 likes from a social network, We are just sharing your website across the world, the way it should be !!

Sharezar is Safe, Google Panda Safe

Why is it safe, our business directory process is based on clicking the share button on your profile and website social network, there is no automated system or robots sending you fake likes and shares. Our website is not based on adding back links from other members, and we do not advise you to ask for back links from other members. Sharezar is a Real Business Directory, If you have said before, Only if everyone knew about my website, Well now they can, so add your business and watch for the traffic !!

Choose the Traffic you need

We have many categories sections on Sharezar for you to get traffic from, lets say you only needed business traffic, then you choose the business traffic category, and you will start getting indexed and traffic for your website from the business section.

Which is the best share category section, to speed up the process.

You can choose the category that best fits your business, and request share traffic via pm message system, from any member on Sharezar. All members can click and share on your social network, or comments section on your website. If you see a website that has lots of views and is very popular on Sharezar, you can send a pm message for them to click on your social network. All members must share each other websites on Sharezar, after all this is how it works.

Sharezar is based on sharing, and having a profile listed on our website for business directory.

Why you should use Sharezar

Sharezar Business Traffic Directory

Sharezar, Sample Profile Listing !!

Sharezar is a real Local Directory website, we do not use automated robot systems to send you traffic, our process is all done by hand. All members have there own listing profile section, admin panel and pm message system. Once your profile listing is added to our website, it well be indexed by all major search engines, social media and receive back links from Sharezar back to your website.


Click and Share process

Sharzar offers a unique process, that we call, click and share, this is the most powerful way to get traffic to your site, and is all natural for search engine optimization. All site submission from Sharezar are Google and panda safe.

Why use a Directory website

Chosen the right blog submission directory, is one of the most important things you can do for website traffic and SEO or search engine optimization. Quality safe back links are a must for getting massive exposure to the internet. By using categories and subcategories is key to getting indexed correctly on the web. Social media sharing is part of SEO and by using a website like Sharezar, this will only help you blogs rankings. We also offer a profile listing description area, which is great for article submission.

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